Human - Computer Interaction Design for supporting groups attending Music Festivals 

This study focused on how people coordinate with friends or families when attending music festivals, what kind of factor might be involved in group decision making and also this study will figure out how people in group utilize resources including both, physical and digital to support their experience related to the music event. Starting from when they get the information about the music event, buying the ticket, getting the direction to the event, booking the accommodation, sharing the experience with friends etc. The coordination work among group is the main focus of this study; include the activities of the group, the collaboration that happens in a group like conversation face to face or via media technology, discussion, negotiation etc.

Two fieldworks have been observed in this study, those fieldworks held in different places and have different setting of a music festival. The first fieldwork held in the UK and other fieldwork held in Indonesia. The main reason for observing two fieldworks is to ensure the study can get enough data.

This study discusses the human computer interaction design for supporting groups attending a music festival. The novelty of the design is giving the new experience for group to preparing and attending the music festival through the interaction design of the mobile application. The designed application gives the opportunities for the user to use the unique function to support their visit in the music festival from planning the visit, preparing the visit until the end of the visit.